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About Catan Pisco

Catan Pisco bottle

What is Pisco?

Pisco is a spirit distilled 100% from grapes. Only two countries can legally make pisco, and the Denominations of Origin (D.O.) are in Chile and Peru. Catan Pisco is made in Chile, which is where our Founder, Catalina, was born.

Profile & Taste

Pisco is made from grapes, but do not be mistaken: pisco is not wine, and it certainly doesn’t taste like wine. If you have never experienced pisco, a common comparison is: “if Vodka and Tequila had a baby.” Pisco has the versatility of a vodka, yet the upscale aromas and vast complexity of a premium tequila. This is how some of our Catan Fans have described tasting our pisco for the first time—but we assure you it is neither tequila or vodka—pisco is unique, and Catan pisco is unmistakable.

Our pisco guides you through a sensory ride, first with notes of peaches in honey, berries, tangerine and ripe melon, then balanced by the softness of floral aromas like magnolia, orange blossom and rose water, before a silky-smooth and gentle finish.

Catan Pisco’s versatile and unique flavor profile is what makes our award winning pisco an excellent spirit to enjoy neat, or simply stirred into any of your favorite cocktails.

Our Recipe

Catan Pisco starts with the beautiful, organic Pedro Ximenez (PX) grapes, grown in the foothills of the Andes Mountains of Ovalle, Chile. Surrounded by stone and citrus fruit trees, the naturally irrigated soil marries the palpable flavors of Chilean agriculture. The fair trade certified grapes are hand-picked from the vines then double-distilled in copper stills to yield a smooth, fruit-forward spirit. Our recipe was initially an experiment from our master distiller’s in Chile, but once our founder sampled the recipe, she knew that she had officially met Catan Pisco.

Our pisco is comprised of 100% Pedro Ximenez (PX) grapes, is 100% Gluten Free, 100% Carb Free and 100% produced and farmed from our Fair Trade Certified partners in Chile.

Meet the Pisco Girl

Catalina Gaete-Bentz sitting at table with Catan Pisco bottle and glass, with box of flowers next to her.

For as long as I can remember, pisco is associated with celebration. Instead of champagne, my family marked special occasions and life milestones with pisco sours—the spirit’s most popular cocktail from the land where my story began.

Born in Santiago, Chile, my family moved to Bellflower, California when I was three years old. Though I was raised stateside, my Latin American roots and Chilean soul is who I am. My parents ensured we were raised with our Chilean traditions—and my mother’s cooking, accompanied by my father’s pisco cocktails were the center of it all.

Being raised in a traditional Latin household in the USA was truly wonderful. However, it also came with its challenges. I knew at a very young age I wanted to start and own a business, but when the time came to pick a college major, my father did not approve or support my entrepreneurial path; so, I settled on a Psychology BA and eventually pursued a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, MPA (which was the closest study to an MBA without disappointing my father.) Eventually, my desire to become an entrepreneur became unignorable, and I knew I had to establish my own business. All I needed was my product. The answer eventually came to me overwhelmingly, and that answer was pisco.

Though pisco did retail here in the states, it was always difficult to find, and premium pisco brands were never an option. We relied on my aunts and uncles’ visits from Chile to smuggle in the good stuff. Not only was pisco not widely accessible in the U.S. market, but the reality is, pisco had not been truly discovered by the American consumer. This had to change, and I knew I had to change it, so I did.

In 2018, I launched the first American pisco brand in the USA, and became the first female-owned pisco company in the history of Chile. I humbly carry this title with honor, in hopes to inspire other Latina women to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, to turn them into realities.

I dedicate Catan Pisco to reflect the beautiful journey, the inevitable struggles and the wonderful celebrations of life and love with those who mean the most—and I invite you to join me with Catan Pisco. Salud!

Our Purpose

Grape plants with field and mountains in background.

Chile’s water is currently privatized. Catan’s outstanding goal is to ensure all farmers have access to water, especially during farming droughts or agricultural emergencies.

CATAN H2O is our philanthropic arm created to help fight the cause with 1 percent of each bottle purchased being dedicated to fight the water scarcity crisis.

We are committed to giving back directly to the land that has gifted us our beautiful grapes, and we won’t stop there. We are “Pisco With A Purpose.”


Grape plants with field and mountains in background.

Catan Pisco is proud to be an LGBTQIA+ BRAND. #PISCO4PRIDE