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Catan Pisco Launches in Los Angeles


Person smiling and standing with cocktail and bottle of Catan Pisco.

Catan Pisco, a versatile grape-based spirit handcrafted and distilled in Chile, is proud to announce its upcoming launch in Los Angeles. Available in Chicago since July 2018, this pisco with a purpose is toasting their entrance into the California market by hosting a celebration at The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

“I was born in Chile and grew up in LA so it’s incredibly meaningful to introduce my hometown to my passion for pisco,” says Catalina Gaete, Catan Pisco founder and CEO. “The tradition of starting family meals with a pisco sour or sipping it neat with friends at a bar are memories I hold dear. It’s time for spirit enthusiasts and novices alike to experience pisco and contribute to the culture and conversation through Catan.”

After years of research, cross-continent connecting, taste testing, designing, and planning, Gaete has achieved her goal of developing a pisco worthy of taking its place as an integral part of cocktail menus across the United States. The celebration at The Museum of Latin American Art will take place on May 26th from 5 to 9pm. It will feature signature cocktails made with Catan and guests will enjoy live music from artists Lina Hayek and Los Ingenieros Del Ritmo as well as performances from traditional Chilean dancers. The intersection of tradition and modern vibrancy is what grew Gaete’s passion for pisco into a quickly growing business.

“Pisco is Chile’s spirit of choice and has been the cornerstone of our culture for centuries. My vision for Catan has always been to connect the spirit of the south with its neighbors of the north,” explains Gaete. “There are spirits from all over the world that are integral to the cocktail culture in the U.S. and we are going to make sure that Catan joins them.”

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