The Catan Story


I am proud to have been born in Santiago, Chile and growing up in the US, it is hard for me to remember a family dinner, social event or celebration that didn’t begin with Pisco. The spirit always seemed to signal that a special moment had begun and that feeling of being connected and present with my loved ones is something that is always with me.


My mom said I was born “standing up,” and seemingly she was right. I have a passion for traveling, have lived in three countries, learned the languages in each, obtained three degrees and I knew that one day I would start my own business. I’ve searched for years for an answer to the question of what that endeavor would be and it finally came crashing down like a locked away epiphany that had been written my entire life. The answer was Pisco. I would make and bring Pisco to the United States. I had found my purpose.


Why Pisco? Pisco is Chile’s spirit of choice. It has been a cornerstone of Chilean culture and in my home for as long as I can remember. The ritual of beginning a meal by toasting with a Pisco sour in hand or sipping it neat with friends are memories I hold dear. I intend to share these memories with the spirit drinkers of Chicago, and eventually, with the rest of the United States and beyond.


While the craft cocktail culture has become more and more pervasive, Pisco has yet to emerge as an essential spirit. Catan Pisco aims to change that. By bringing our meticulous, aromatic and fully balanced recipe from the Lamari Valley, Chile, Catan will give you, our spirit drinkers, the opportunity to taste firsthand this unique South American spirit, share our favorite recipes and inspire you to create your own.


The goal of Catan Pisco has always been to connect the spirit of the south with its neighbors to the north.  I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether it’s at your favorite Chicago restaurant, watering hole, or at home, it’s time to start making memories of your own with Catan Pisco. Salud!